2014-15 Chapter Leadership Training Webinars are offered live and on-demand.  To access on-demand or register for upcoming live webinars, click on the Title.  

Live Chapter Leadership Training Webinars are from 2:00-3:00 p.m. Central Time, unless otherwise noted.



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All Chapter Leaders Chapter Leader Resources on the Web
(recorded 06/19/14)

All Chapter Leaders

Your Career in an Age of Healthcare Reform
(recorded live on 10/01/14)

Founders Contacts and Co-Chairs

HFMA Founders Merit Award Program 
(recorded 06/09/14)

Membership Chairs and Co-Chairs

Lost & Found: Strategies to Recapture Dropped Members and Recruit New Members
(recorded live on 8/13/14)

Membership Chairs and Co-Chairs

Membership Chair Toolkit Review (recorded 10/23/14)

Newsletter Chairs and Co-Chairs

Social Media: Going Where Your Members Are (recorded 08/27/14)

Program Chairs and Co-Chairs

23 Facts & FUNdamentals for Producing an Awesome Program!
(recorded 09/08/14)

Program Chairs, Newsletter Chairs and Co-Chairs CRT Quick Tips: 1st Quarter DCMS Reporting 

(recorded 07/30/14) 

Program Chairs and Co-Chairs, Sponsorship Chairs and Co-Chairs Everyone Wins!  Effective Sponsorship Programs  

(recorded 08/28/14)

Sponsorship Chairs and Co-Chairs Potential Tax Implications of Chapter Sponsorship Programs

(recorded 08/26/14)

Treasurers, Presidents and Presidents-elect

IRS 990 Reporting Requirements
(recorded live on 05/22/14)

Treasurers, Secretary/Treasurers

QuickBooks® Update
(recorded live on 06/10/14)



Target Audience  


10/29/14 Membership Chairs and Co-Chairs

Midyear Tune-Up for Your Membership Campaign

11/05/14 All Chapter Leaders

Successful Practices Share by Your Peers

All Chapter Leaders

Plan for Success - 2015-16 DCMS Year

01/28/15 Membership Chairs and Co-Chairs

Dash to the Finish Line: Closing the Gap for a Successful Membership Year

03/04/15 All Chapter Leaders

Working with Multiple Generations

03/25/15 Treasurers, Presidents and Presidents-elect, Regional Treasurers

IRS 990 Tax Compliance Survey


Presidents and Presidents-elect

Making the Most Out of LTC

05/20/15 Treasurers, Presidents and Presidents-elect

IRS 990 Reporting Requirements



Scheduled dates and times for live webinars subject to change.